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Aede Mig-

Kat-I am the unhealthy, pill popping (don't get your knickers twisted, they are prescribed saving me from having to buy them from the streets to cope, it's much cheaper this way) mother of three boys, River 10, Creek 6 and Lake 2. No they were not born in the water, I blame it on the anesthetic. I do not display artwork on my refrigerator (because I have a touch of OCD) probably scarring them for life but I figure they will gang together and kill me long before I have to see the results of my bad mothering. It wasn't long after the first one that I discovered kids come wash and wear so I stopped worrying if he was going to die because he got a little spit up on him, someone touched him, the dog licked his pacifier (I think the first one there gets the prize), etc. that's when I relaxed and became the mother I always aspired to be. I am the soccer Mom on the field in my house shoes because my feet hurt calling my kid by the wrong name because I can't remember which one is playing, maybe I should just call out RiCree or Criver and be done with it, the Mom that picks a sick kid up from school threatening while signing him out that he better have a damn fever or something I can see to indicate illness. Amazing I can stand for hours and argue about someone's life or death but don't have the ability to sit on the sofa and argue five minutes with a whiny child. It's no secret I don't like kids, I tolerate my own, probably even love them, but I do not in any way like anyone else's. I don't cover for my kids nor pretend they are perfect, in my world, you do the crime you better be ready to do the time. Big blue eyes do not sway me in the least, nor do angelic smiles. I'm not stupid, that only means they are plotting something. You can love your children without being dumb.

Cooking? Sure I can cook, but that doesn't mean I like too, or want too. I much prefer the drive-thru or even a sit down restaurant. Let somebody else do all the hard work. I adore the man who invented the dishwasher, I just wish he had taken it a little further and invented one for kids. People stare when you try to make them run through the car wash while yelling at the attendant to "hold the wax because it gums up their hair".

I live for days when I have a prissy relative or friend over. Give the little one a few suckers and then insist that he give so and so a big hug and kiss before they leave. It just does something for my soul to watch the cringe come over their perfect face.

I have an ex but mostly he is just someone to make fun of for me. Enough said on him.

I have a dog that I love beyond all reason.

If I could have a concrete yard I would.

Work? Yep, done that too but don't really think my profession has anything to do with this blog.

No one is here this weekend so I had a milkshake for dinner that I bribed someone to go get for me so I didn't have to get dressed.

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