Kat's List of Things She Likes

A nice cold Coke (not the drug kind).

The dark.

Swimming upstream with the salmon (I don't really know about this one, it just sounded good).

BBQ Pork Ribs.

People who leave me alone.

Things that go bump in the night.

Almost any reality TV show.

Winning a well prepared argument.

Dogs, especially mine.

Horses, I miss mine.

Popcorn chips.

My bed, I spend as much time as possible there.

My big screen HD TV, I spend a lot of time with it too.


Long bubble baths with Johnny Depp (hey, it's not my fault he never shows up!)

Christmas and everything that comes with it, the smells, the music, the cheesy TV movies, the tree, etc

Thanksgiving (the food)

Vacations (at least I think I do, it's been so long my memory may be playing tricks on me)

My friends, particularly Aede Mig, Joy, Conchetta and Char





Brussel Sprouts

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